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Netherlands Report 2016 euthanasia in Netherlands

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Since 2006, in the Netherlands, there has been a 317% increase in assisted deaths. There were increases in euthanasia deaths based on dementia or psychiatric reasons. There were 141 people who died by euthanasia based on dementia in 2016, up from 109 in 2015. There were 60 people who died by euthanasia for psychiatric reasons in 2016, up from 56 in 2015. There were also 244 people who died by euthanasia based on "advanced age." In 2016, there were 10 cases referred by a Regional Euthanasia...

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Analysis of The Seventh Report of the Federal Commission for Euthanasia Control and Evaluation to the Legislative Chambers (for the Years 2014 and 2015) All figures and Tables are in the PDF Doc attached. The law of 28 May 2002 on euthanasia requires the Federal Commission responsible for monitoring and enforcing the law to report to the legislature every two years. The seventh report has just been published and covers the years 2014–2015. In this paper, the IEB presents a brief analysis o...

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