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United Kingdom - Law relating to termination of pregnancy by registered medical practitioners

- Early life

Medical termination of pregnancy. (1) Subject to the provisions of this section, a person shall not be guilty of an offence under the law relating to abortion when a pregnancy is terminated by a registered medical practitioner if two registered medical practitioners are of the opinion, formed in good faith-

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Germany - Abortion Germany

- Early life

Text in English

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Belgium - Euthanasia : A summary of the legal framework law of May 28, 2002

- End of life

The Belgian law provides for 2 specific instances of euthanasia

1) Patients who are conscious

 In the case of a conscious patient in the final stage of his/her illness, euthanasia may take place if : the patient is an adult or a minor who has been granted adult legal status and is deemed to be in his/ her right mind and therefore able to express his/her wishes;

the request has been made on a voluntary, thoughtful and repeated basis and does not arise from being pressured into it; the request has to be made in writing;

 the medical situation does not allow for a positive outlook and causes constant and unbearable physical OR psychological suffering which cannot be alleviated and is caused by a life-threatening and incurable accidental or pathological illness;

 the medical practitioner has talked to his/her patient on various occasions about his/her state of health, his/her life expectancy, his/her request for euthanasia; the medical practitioner must discuss the possible op...

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Germany - Stammzellgesetz – StZG

- Biomedical research

Stammzellgesetz - StZG - 28.12.2002 - English version

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Germany - Gesetz zum Schutz von Embryonen (Embryonenschutzgesetz – ESchG)

- Prenatal Diagnosis

Gesetz zum Schutz von Embryonen (Embryonenschutzgesetz - ESchG) -

Recherche sur embryons

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Italy - Law / abortion in Italy

- Early life

The Legalization of Abortion: Law 194 of the Italian Republic, 1978
Law No. 194 of 22 May 1978 on the social protection of motherhood and the voluntary termination of pregnancy. (Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana, Part I, 2 May 1978, No. 140, pp. 3642-3646).

1. The State guarantees the right to responsible and planned parenthood, recognizes the social value of motherhood, and shall protect human life from its inception.

The voluntary termination of pregnancy as covered by this Law shall not be a means of birth control. The State, the regions, and local authorities, acting within their respective powers and areas of competence, shall promote and develop medicosocial services and shall take other measures necessary to prevent abortion from being used for purposes of birth control.

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Italy - Rules on medically assisted procreation

- Assisted reproduction

Act Feb. 19, 2004 , No 40: " Rules on medically assisted procreation "

published in Official Gazette No 45, February 24, 2004  



ART . 1.

(Purpose ) .

1. In order to facilitate resolution of problems stemming from infertility or reproductive human infertility has allowed the use of medically assisted procreation , the conditions and in the manner prescribed by this Law, which guarantees the rights of all stakeholders, including the unborn .

2. The use of medically assisted procreation is allowed if there is no other effective treatment methods to remove the causes of sterility or infertility .

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Resolution WHO Human organ and tissue transplantation

- Status of the human body

Aware of the growing magnitude and utility of human cell, tissue and organ transplantation for a wide range of conditions in low-resource as well as high-resource countries;

Committed to the principles of human dignity and solidarity which condemn the buying of human body parts for transplantation and the exploitation of the poorest and most vulnerable populations and the human trafficking that result from such practices;

Determined to prevent harm caused by the seeking of financial gain or comparable advantage in transactions involving human body parts, including organ trafficking and transplant tourism;

Convinced that the voluntary, non-remunerated donation of organs, cells and tissues from deceased and living donors helps to ensure a vital community resource;

Conscious of the extensive cross-boundary circulation of cells and tissues for transplantation;

Sensitive to the need for post-transplantation surveillance of adverse events and reactions associated with the donation,...

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