End of life

Belgium - Euthanasia : A summary of the legal framework law of May 28, 2002

The Belgian law provides for 2 specific instances of euthanasia

1) Patients who are conscious

 In the case of a conscious patient in the final stage of his/her illness, euthanasia may take place if : the patient is an adult or a minor who has been granted adult legal status and is deemed to be in his/ her right mind and therefore able to express his/her wishes;

the request has been made on a voluntary, thoughtful and repeated basis and does not arise from being pressured into it; the request has to be made in writing;

 the medical situation does not allow for a positive outlook and causes constant and unbearable physical OR psychological suffering which cannot be alleviated and is caused by a life-threatening and incurable accidental or pathological illness;

 the medical practitioner has talked to his/her patient on various occasions about his/her state of health, his/her life expectancy, his/her request for euthanasia; the medical practitioner must discuss the possible op...

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