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Italy - Law / abortion in Italy

- Early life

The Legalization of Abortion: Law 194 of the Italian Republic, 1978
Law No. 194 of 22 May 1978 on the social protection of motherhood and the voluntary termination of pregnancy. (Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana, Part I, 2 May 1978, No. 140, pp. 3642-3646).

1. The State guarantees the right to responsible and planned parenthood, recognizes the social value of motherhood, and shall protect human life from its inception.

The voluntary termination of pregnancy as covered by this Law shall not be a means of birth control. The State, the regions, and local authorities, acting within their respective powers and areas of competence, shall promote and develop medicosocial services and shall take other measures necessary to prevent abortion from being used for purposes of birth control.

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Italy - Rules on medically assisted procreation

- Assisted reproduction

Act Feb. 19, 2004 , No 40: " Rules on medically assisted procreation "

published in Official Gazette No 45, February 24, 2004  



ART . 1.

(Purpose ) .

1. In order to facilitate resolution of problems stemming from infertility or reproductive human infertility has allowed the use of medically assisted procreation , the conditions and in the manner prescribed by this Law, which guarantees the rights of all stakeholders, including the unborn .

2. The use of medically assisted procreation is allowed if there is no other effective treatment methods to remove the causes of sterility or infertility .

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