Resolution WHO Human organ and tissue transplantation

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Aware of the growing magnitude and utility of human cell, tissue and organ transplantation for a wide range of conditions in low-resource as well as high-resource countries;

Committed to the principles of human dignity and solidarity which condemn the buying of human body parts for transplantation and the exploitation of the poorest and most vulnerable populations and the human trafficking that result from such practices;

Determined to prevent harm caused by the seeking of financial gain or comparable advantage in transactions involving human body parts, including organ trafficking and transplant tourism;

Convinced that the voluntary, non-remunerated donation of organs, cells and tissues from deceased and living donors helps to ensure a vital community resource;

Conscious of the extensive cross-boundary circulation of cells and tissues for transplantation;

Sensitive to the need for post-transplantation surveillance of adverse events and reactions associated with the donation, including long-term follow up of the living donor, processing and transplantation of human cells, tissues and organs as such and for international exchange of such data to optimize the safety and efficacy of transplantation,

ENDORSES the WHO Guiding Principles on Human Cell, Tissue and Organ Transplantation

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